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                  ??????????? 楊正宏律師,先后畢業于華東政法大學和南京大學法學院,客座教授,中國法學會員、江蘇省法學會理事,江蘇省律師協會專業委員會委員、仲裁員。曾擔任人大內務司法委員會委員。

                  ?????????? ?楊律師大學畢業后一直從事律師工作,至今已有近30年執業經歷,理論和實務經驗豐富。楊律師對接手的每件案件潛心研究,集中討論,集思廣益,力求完美效果。執業以來,辦理過一批有重大影響的案件,如代理徐州某開發公司8600萬元建設工程合同糾紛案擔任某地級市委常委、某縣常委、公安局長受賄案的辯護人,所承辦案件都取得較好的效果。同時,還為美國林肯電氣、工商銀行江蘇省分行、信達資產公司、南京華東電子集團、中國電子科技集團第28研究所、中聯重科股份公司等多個單位和項目提供法律服務,還先后為中材國際收購溧陽重機、浙江萬好萬家收購旅行家連鎖酒店公司等多起上市公司收購項目提供全程法律服務。專業、負責結合嚴謹的工作作風為楊正宏律師贏得很好的口碑。

                  ? ???????? ?服務宗旨:專業、敬業、誠信、高效

                  ????????????????? 聯系電話:18851776688 ? ? ?13505179720

                  ????????????????? 地址:江蘇省南京市奧體大街68號新城國際研發總部園4A棟14樓??

                  ????????? 電子郵箱:3226624178@qq.com???

                  Brief Introduction of Managing Partner


                  ZhenghongYang graduated from Nanjing University Law School. He now undertakes the Partnerof Nanjing Jianwei Law Firm. He also takes the position of arbitrator forArbitration Committee. Since 1988 he got the qualification, Yang embarked onfull-time lawyer.

                  LawyerZhenghong Yang has a comprehensive competence in this field and has presidedover or taken part in Chinese-foreign joint venture \cooperative items onreality .At the same time, Yang participates directly in legal affairsincluding important business negotiation \company strypped-down\assetrecomposing and so on, successfully presided over or took part in thenegotiation and signature of many large investment item, especially is skilledin the company asset evaluation \partition of property \ companyannex\bankruptcy ,etc. At present, besides realty, Yang mostly applies himselfto civil cases and non-litigant affairs —— contract of construction project\rights and interests of stockholder \protection of intellectual property\external trade, etc. ??Since nearly twenty years, Lawyer ZhenghongYang has handled or organized many civil and commercial cases which have deepsocial impacts.

                  LawyerZhenghong Yang is engaged as perennial counselor-at-law of decades ofenterprises, and well received by them for his enthusiastic、high–quality 、efficient law service. Such as, U.S.Air-conditioning Co. Ltd, A Subsidiary Company under U.S. McDonald GroupChinese Corporation, Nanjing Changjiang RiverTunnel BOT project, East ChinaElectronic Corporation Group, Chinese Xinda Asset Management Co. Ltd,Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Jiangsu Branch, China Minsheng BankingCo. Ltd, China Electric and Technique Group Company, 28th?Research Institute, and so on.

                  LawyerZhenghong Yang used to be an editor of many teaching materials. He alsopublished many papers in core legal magazines, for instance,?Legal Research, Administrationand Legal System.

                  Besides,he takes part in seminars termly about legal theories and experiences allaround China.


                  Enterprises Legal Service\Real Estates affairs\ Investment Service\SupervisionConsultant \Issue of Company Stock Right \Finance \Intellectual Property




                  Mobile:??188 5177 6688 ? ? ??13505179720


                  Fax:+86258460 0779

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